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Welcome on the homepage of the family Suijs.

Since our experience with the English language is rather limited, we do appreciate any correction sent to us by mail. Thanks for helping us improving this site. Hans Suijs

Latest News: The reconstruction of our house in Gouda.
We are looking for: Persons with other last names, pictures and other documents, etc.
We have also: A real Blog (in the Dutch language, travelstories and other hobbies, etc. (Personal Hans)

Hans Suijs (1943) This website is far from complete. The names of the chapters with information are listed at the left side in a kind of menu.
At January 1st of 2004 this website was started. The start of the genealogical research was on the first of January 1976. This story will be told in the chapter introduction.

Hans Suijs, (Research and Webmaster) and Herman Suijs (Distribution of KRONIEKEN and Treasurer)
Herman Suijs (1945)

If you read this and your last name happens to be "Suijs" or "Suys" or if you are involved/interested in/ with persons with these names please sent us a mail. In this way we can update our list of e-mail addresses.

It is possible that you have got this internetaddress from one of our "business" relatives. If so please choose for "Business info" in the menu at the left.

Not every page on this website has been translated into English.
A lot of information is - despite that it is written in the Dutch language - quite easy to understand. Names and dates are universal. When a summary in English is available a sign with the text "English summary" will show up at the top of the page in the the dutch language.

Person-Document-Numbers (PDN)
All persons with the name Suijs or Suys, etc. have a specific reference number in this genealogy research project. All collected sourcedocuments have also have got a specific documentnumber. As a result we have Person-Document-Numbers (PDN'S) and Source-Document-Numbers (BDN'S), ("B" is the abbreviation for the dutch word "Bron" = source).
In historical research it is essential to separate source information FROM results. In doing so later one can revisit earlier conclusions.
PDN-numbers will be used all over this website.

Example: PDN: 0147 is pointing to person 147. In this case it is Govert Suijs, who was mayor of the city of Gouda in the 17th century. When such a reference is bold and underlined then it is possible to jump to the basic information about this person by clicking on this text. At that place in the family tree similar pointers (or hyperlinks) are visible to his ancesters and/or children.

There are also persons with the name Suijs, Suys, etc. which could not yet be placed in one of the branches of the family tree. In these cases we are searching for new details which caN help in identifying these persons in relation with the family tree. In those cases we use a ZDN instead of a PDN. It is clear that we appreciate assistance in finding more details. If you think you might be able to help, please look to the menu (left) and choose for "Help me".

In case of a special (celebrity) person, of which more details are available on a separate page, the word "details" will be added to the pointer.
A click on such a pointer will cause a jump to that particular page.

In case you loose control, while browsing through the the family tree a click on the family emblem (coat of arms) at the left top corner will bring you back on this page again (meaning the dutch version of it!) You can try it with the examples below:
PDN: 0147 Basic information about Govert Suijs, as shown on one of the pages of the family tree (return via coat of arms)
PDN: 0147-details Details of Govert Suijs at a separate page.

If you have comments or suggestions and/or additional information about this subject please mail me according to the procedure as mentioned in the heading of this page Additional information about our family is welcome as well.
Thank you.

Hans Suijs

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